BNK603 - Consumer Banking Solved Past Papers

VU BNK603 - All Subjective Solved Past Papers 2023 - Consumer Banking

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Cookies are small amounts of data stored by the web browser. They allow you to store particular information about a user and retrieve it every time they visit your pages. Each user has own unique set of cookies.

Cookies are typically used by web servers to perform functions such as tracking your visits to websites, enabling you to log in to sites, and storing your shopping cart. However we don't need fancy web server programming to use cookies. We can use them in JavaScript, too!

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Servlets are very fast Java applications on the server side which are available in an active form in the memory of the server. They use JDBC to connect to the databases.

A Servlet is a Java class in Java EE that conforms to the Java Servlet API, a protocol by which a Java class may respond to HTTP requests. They are not tied to a specific client-server protocol, but are most often used with this protocol.

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  1. Logical operators '&&' for logic AND operator, which returns a Boolean true if both the operands are true
  2. "| |" for logical OR operator and it returns a value of true if one or both of the operands is true.
  3. "!" for logical not operator which returns false if its single operand can be converted to true, or if it is a non-Boolean value:
  4. "++" FOR LOGICAL INCREMENT Logical increment adds one to the previous number that holds a given variable

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  1. "var" is the keyword used to define a variable in Javascript e.g var a;
  2. "function" is the keyword to define a function in javascript e.g function myfunction()

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