Upload missing VU Handouts

There are some VU handouts required. Search for the missing handouts and provide us link to earn rewards.


The following VU course code handouts are required:

ACC707, BIF101, BIF402, BIF731, BIF732, BIF733, BIO102, BIO502, BIO731, BIO732, BIO733, BIO734, BNK610, BNK611, BNK613, BT402, BT504, BT505, BT601, BT604, BT731, BT732, BT733, BT734, BT735, CS315, CS409, CS503, CS511, CS608, CS612, CS703, CS707, CS709, CS712, CS713, CS716, CS718, CS721, CS724, CS725, CS726, ECE101, ECE202, ECE301, ECO603, ECO606, ECO607, ECO609, ECO612, ECO613, EDU404, EDU433, EDU505, EDU712, EDUA305, ENG524, ETH100, ETH202, FIN701, GEN731, GEN732, HRM626, HRM713, HRM730, HRM737, MCD402, MCD403, MCD404, MCD501, MCD502, MCD503, MCD504, MGMT615, MGMT617, MGMT631, MGMT715, MGMT727, MGMT731, MGT513, MGT522, MGT701, MGT703, MGT705, MGT725, MKT529, MKT603, MKT626, MKT627, MTH701, MTH706, MTH7123, MTH718, MTH721, PAD603, PSYP402, SEC001, SOC402, SOC404, SOC601, SOC602, SOC604, SOC605, SOC606, SOC607, SOC608, SOC609, SOC610, SOC611, SOC613, SOC614, SOC615, SOC616, STA621, STA641, STA642, STA643, STA644, STA730, ZOO102, ZOO103, ZOO201, ZOO302, ZOO403, ZOO404, ZOO630, ZOO731

Your task is to find any of above handouts in PDF format and upload it on Google drive and provide the link (gdrive) in description to get rewards.

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