Create video tutorial series to earn money for each video tutorial

Create video tutorial series on any topic to earn money for each video tutorial you create


Our aim is to launch short online courses on the website and we need skilled persons for that who are able to produce video lectures. This is not only task but is an online job for skilled persons to produce videos lectures series on a topic. Once your video is approved by our team You will be get rewarded for each approved video lecture.


1) You should only provide video lectures that you have made your own. That means you should not upload video lectures you didn't make, or use content in your video lectures that someone else owns the copyright to, such as already uploaded copyrighted video lecture series or downloaded paid video lecture series.

2) You will not be rewarded and your account will be permanently suspended if you violated the following guidelines.

3) You will not upload these video lectures series on any other video sites such as Youtube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and so on.

Course Guidelines

1) Choose a most famous/popular topic on which you have strong knowledge and grip. for example, Learn Amazon Web Services (AWS)

2) Prepare a list of video lecture series and outline for the above topic for different skill-sets for example. Beginner/Essential Level, Intermediate and Advanced Levels. So, your whole course may be divided into more categories. for example, AWS Essential Training or AWS for Beginners

3) Start recording video lectures using the following video guidelines.

Video Guidelines

1) You must use NVAEducation logo at right bottom corner of each video lecture.

2) At start video lecture you will record that this video is being prepared for NVAEducation. for example, "This is Zaka from Pakistan and this is my first tutorial for NVAEducation".

3) Your video must be at-least of five minutes and no more than 10 minutes. You can divide your lecture into sub-topics for that purpose.

4) You will provide us only the link of the video so, that video can easily be downloaded directly. For that purpose use file hosting services instead of video hosting sites. For example, GoogleDrive, ODrive, DropBox, Mediafire etc.

5) Clearly explain the topic. Only Urdu/Hindi and English language are supported.

Before you start

Please send your WhatsApp number in the bellow form to be contacted for hiring you to work on this task. Once you will be selected for the task you will be able to start working and submitting your work report.

Please login to submit your work on this task to earn rewards.

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