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VU MKT501 - All Subjective Solved Past Papers 2023 - Marketing Management

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As compared to association, aggregation implies a tighter coupling between the two objects which are involved in this relationship. Therefore, one way to differentiate between aggregation and association is that if the two objects are tightly coupled, that is, if they cannot exist independently, it is an aggregation, and if they are usually considered as independent, it is an association.(Page 87)

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In Association, interacting objects have no intrinsic relationship with other object. It is the weakest link between objects. While in Composition An object may be composed of other smaller objects, the relationship between the "part" objects and the "whole". (OOP, PAGE 51-52)

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Consider a large university library. Tens of thousands of books, periodicals, and other information resources are available for use. But to access these resources, a categorization scheme must be developed. To navigate this large volume of information, librarians have defined a classification scheme that includes a Library of Congress classification code, keywords, author names, and other index entries. All enable the user to find the needed resource quickly and easily. (Page 763)

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Collaboration diagrams can also be used to depict the dynamic behavior of a system. They show how objects interact with respect to organizational units (boundaries!). Collaboration diagrams can also show synchronous, asynchronous, create, and destroy message using the same notation as used in sequence diagrams. (Page 111)

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