MCM101 - Introduction to Mass Communication Solved Past Papers

VU MCM101 - All Subjective Solved Past Papers 2023 - Introduction to Mass Communication

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Click the cell and press delete key from the key board

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Radio and motion pictures vs. telephone. Such additions to the vocabulary depend more upon the degree to which the discovery or invention enters into the life of the community. The same principle might be illustrated by film, radio, and television. Cinema and moving picture (1899), screen, reel, film, scenario, projector, close-up, fade-out are now common, and although the popularity of 3-D as a cinematic effect was short lived, the word is still used.

Broadcast (itself), aerial, antenna, lead-in, loudspeaker, stand by, and solid-state etc. Words like microphone, and transmitter have acquired special meanings.

There were also new meanings of read, write, mouse, terminal, chip, network, workstation, windows, and virus.

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c.500 to c.1100

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Intonation involves the following:
  1. Pitch - how high or low a voice is when producing a sound
  2. Stress - how low or soft a word is spoken
  3. Juncture - the pauses or connections between words, phrases, and sentences

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A Dictionary of the English Language, by Samuel Johnson, A.M. in 1755, in two folio volumes, was hailed as a great achievement.

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