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VU EDU305 - All Subjective Solved Past Papers 2023 - Classroom Management

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The common disadvantages which lead to a MNC forgoing globalization includes.

  1. Handing over proprietary Technology to host countries.
  2. Political risks.
  3. Poor Employee (Managers and worker) skills.
  4. Slow customer response time.
  5. Effective communication between interfaces difficult.

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Operations management

It is an area of management concerned with overseeing,

designing, and redesigning business operations in the production of goods and/or services It is concerned with managing the process that converts inputs (in the forms of materials, labor, and energy) into outputs (in the form of goods and/or services).

Operations research

(also referred to as decision science or management

science) is an interdisciplinary mathematical science that focuses on the

effective use of technology by organizations. In contrast, many other science & engineering disciplines focus on technology giving secondary considerations to its use.

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Mostly following are the below given multiple manufacturing facilities are used with combination in plant strategies;

  1. Product plant strategy
  2. Market area plant strategy
  3. Process plant strategy

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