Our Online Holy Quran Tajweed Classes

We are offering online holy quran tajweed course classes

Our Online Tajweed Course Classes (Free Trial Included)Being muslims it is our first and formost need to read and learn Holy Quran. Reading Holy Quran with tajweed is much more ncessary becasue there are many similar pronouncing and confusing characters in arabic language. If we don't pronounce those characters correctly it is possible that meaning will be changed. Sometimes, the meaning is totally changed and is closes to Sirk (شرک). So, there is much care in reading Holy Quran. That's why we should learn tajweed so, that we would be able to read Holy Quran correctly because Ilm-ut-Tajweed differenciate us from similar pronounced characters.

In this world of technologies where online study/classes has become significant source of learning, there was a need to offer such online facility to learn Holy QUran Tajweed. We have good tutors who will help you learn Holy Quran with Tajweed.

Choose package that suites your need from the following packages.



  • 1 Hour Session
  • 1 Day/Week Study
  • 4 Months Duration
  • 1 Days Trial
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  • 30 Minutes Session
  • 3 Day/Week Study
  • 2 Months Duration
  • 2 Days Trial
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  • 30 Minutes Session
  • 6 Day/Week Study
  • 1 Months Duration
  • 3 Days Trial
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