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N from NVA stands for NTS (National Testing Service). The MCQs type question(s) tests which student might need to pass the tests to get hired for the job. Our website may cause our website students which more likely be student to prepare such tests. These NTS Subjects not only useful to get qualify your NTS exams but also useful for daily life.

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V as in NVA stands for Virtual University Pakistan. Learn about Virtual University of Pakistan at Introduction to Virtual University. Our lecture-wise videos are available on Video Lectures that contains more than 8500 video lectures (a very easy navigation between lectures of specific subject). It contains VU Handouts. You can read these handouts online easily. Especially, VU students prepare for their Online Quiz / MCQs easily at nvaeducation.

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A stands for Army Airforce I.S.S.B Tests Preparation which is required to get success / qualify in Army / Airforce / Navy tests / exams. Pakistan Army Airforce requires these tests to hire candidate for Second Lieutenants Appointments. Students prepare for Airforce ISSB Verbal, ISSB Non-Verbal type of tests on nvaeducation.

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NVA Education

NVA Education contains NTS Tests MCQs, Virtual University Video Lectures, Handouts, Online Quiz, Software and Army ISSB PMA Long Course Intelligence Tests / Exams MCQs preparation material. You get prepare for these type of exams online free. NVAEducation is updating its contents regularly. New MCQs for VU, NTS and ISSB are being included.

Our Online Free Chat Lets our Students / Visitors to join NTS, VU and ISSB Chat rooms and discuss about their study. Users can join that chat free without enforce for registration. However, a user can register for a username to pick unique username / nick for himself. Its very simple and easy.

For students to help us upload such material on our website we may soon add functionality. You can contact us for suggestions and improvements on contact us page.