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Introduction to Army Airforce ISSB Exams

To be hired in Pakistan Army a candidates must qualify ISSB Intelligence Tests. Intelligence is the power of reasoning and adjustment to new situations. The word intelligence has been defined in different ways by various psychologist, but they all are agree to one simple definition which states:
“Intelligence means an innate ability to solve problems”

This ability is not gained by reading books, doing exercises, but is available from person to person from his birth. This intelligence is the essence of the faculties of understanding, reasoning, judgement, adaptability, persistence and self-criticism.

These test are also conducted are also conducted by Inter Service Selection Board (ISSB) for candidates who are willing to join Army, Air Force and Navy. Therefore, the test of intelligence became the key point of all vocation test

The advantage of these test is that it helps in selecting only those candidates who are not only sound in their body but also in their mind. As in their service these potential officers are faced with many complicated situations in which not only their own lives but also lives of hundred thousands are also at stake and if the officers are not sharp enough in intellect, they can not withstand heavy odds.

Types of Tests

There are actually three types of Intelligence tests held at ISSB Test centers.

Verbal Tests

Verbal intelligence tests includes items that can be expressed in language forms. In this test you are given with a large no of questions which you have to solve in a very short period of time. I done all of 96 questions in half an hour when I took ISSB Exams. The candidate must begin with with solving the easy ones and leaving the tricky or bit lengthy mathematics questions for remaining time at the end. You should try your best to answer them correctly while remaining clam and steady. The experience and confidence you will earn on this site will make you perform very well done at ISSB center, InshALLAH

These type of tests can include the followings:

  • Once word Substitution
  • Insertion of Missing Letters, Numbers.
  • Word Forming
  • Jumbled Words
  • Formation of Correct Sequence, Series.
  • General Knowledge Questions
  • Synonym Test
  • Direction Test
  • Spotting the Stranger Test
  • Encoding and Decoding Test
  • Arithmetic Test

Non Verbal Tests

Non verbal intelligence tests are expressed by means of objects, materials for instance, lines, drawing, pictures, etc. The same procedure is followed in this test too, you are given a no of question which you have to solve in mean time. Remember: Mechanical Aptitude Test held at ISSB Test centers contains negative marking too, which means for each false or incorrect answer a point of correct answer is deducted so you should be very careful and precise while solving mechanical aptitude test. I passed my Non-Verbal test too but screened out in the third one type of Test which was Academic Test.

These type of tests can include the followings:

  • Matrix Test
  • Sequence Test
  • Pattern Test
  • Relation Finding Test

Academic Tests

In this test general knowledge of question are asked. To pass this test you must have enough knowledge of Pakistan history. You should read Who is Who and What is What type of books. I could not qualify this exam because I did not take interest in history and could not remember too many dates. However, the more general knowledge you have the more chances you have to get success in this exam.

What You Will Get Here?

For the now you can prepare for Verbal and Non-Verbal type of questions of Pakistan Army Airforce ISSB Intelligence Tests. However, the more stuff like Academic Tests Preparation, Interview Questions, and Tips may be added on your interest with